How A Prophet Accurately Predicted Ghana’s Loss To Uruguay

Alot of Ghanaians on the internet still can’t believe that we were actually beaten by Uruguay who had not scored a single goal in the tournament until meeting Ghana.

Even before the whistle was blown for the match to start, end-time powerful Ghanaian man of God, Prophet Eric Boahen Uche had already predicted that doom was bound to befall the Blackstars.

As accurately predicted by the founder and leader of the Creator’s House chapel, Prophet Eric Boahen Uche Ghana it was already clear in the spiritual realms that Ghana will lose against Uruguay.

He even stated that Uruguay will score their goals in the first half and as much as Ghana Black Stars will try, they won’t win.

In a series of posts shared on his Facebook, Instagram and more particularly his WhatsApp status, the man of God, Prophet Eric Boahen Uche kept praying and asking Ghanaians to pray for the Black Stars as well as asking the Black Stars to be vigilant.


The above post was made on 1st December 2021. Clear 24 hours before the Ghana Black Stars game with Uruguay which they lost two goals in the first half and never recovered.

He made other posts still calling on vigilance and prayers for the Ghana team. Take a look at the other posts below to know more…

Former Ghanaian player, John Paintsil who has the revered prophet Eric Boahen Uche as his spiritual father was wowed about the outcome and even confirmed the man of God prophesied.

Ghana played against Uruguay in their final group stage games at the Qatar 2022 world today, 2nd December and sadly lost to the stronger side Uruguay

Ghana would have progressed to round 16 of the tournament if they had defeated Uruguay in what was dubbed a revenge clash against Uruguay.

But the hopes of many football fans have been dashed after Ghana tumbled out of the World Cup with a 2-0 loss to Uruguay.

On Twitter, Ghanaians are fuming with many blaming Pele for imposing playing a key role in his son’s inclusion in the national team despite their miserable performance.

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