I Can’t Break Up With My Abusive Boyfriend Because Of Sex

I’m yet to understand how some people reason as human beings – Maybe some people were created with a different clay because most of the people we see around are big-time idiots in clean clean clothes.

A lady has anonymously confessed that she can’t break up with her toxic and abusive boyfriend because of the sex.

As revealed by the dimwit, she’s aware that her boyfriend is toxic and doesn’t deserve her love but she can’t leave his nest because of the awesome sex she enjoys after beating her.

She narrated in her secret confession that, anytime her toxic boyfriend loses a bet or contract, he beats her to a stupor but the make-up sex makes deepens the love she has for him.

Maybe when she’s beaten to death and reincarnates, she will be sensible for once and choose a better partner and completely say ‘bye bye’ to toxic relationships.

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