I Don’t Want My Boyfriend To Build A House For His Mother

A young Ghanaian lady has taken to the internet to anonymously express her displeasure with her boyfriend’s decision to build a house for his 70-year-old mother.

As scornfully detailed by the lady, she has no problem with her boyfriend’s ardent desire to grace his mother’s life with a house but she’s worried about his lazy sisters who have turned themselves into baby-making machines.

In her viral writeup, she argued that her boyfriend’s mother will certainly die very soon because of old age and if that happens, her sisters will take over the house since they are all single mothers and unemployed.

She firmly stated that her boyfriend’s sole responsibility is to make sure their son lives and comfortable life and not to spend his hard-earned money on his sisters – Therefore the house should be in their son’s name and not his old mother’s just to prevent future chaos.

The lady’s sentiments about her boyfriend’s sisters might sound very insensitive and harsh but she has a point if we are to be frank with ourselves and not allow emotions to cloud our judgement.

Read the screenshot below.

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