“I’m Pained That The Cedi Is Appreciating Against The Dollar’ : Ameyaw Debrah


Ghanaian blogger Ameywaw Debrah confessed that he felt pained about the sudden good turn of the local currency against major trading currencies.

His confession comes on the back of the rapid rise of the dollar against the cedi recently.

The dollar which was almost buying a selling at GHC15 is now only fetching a little above GHC9.00.

As a result, Ameyaw Debrah has intimated that it would not help his plans if the Cedi continues to appreciate against the dollar.

In a tweet, that sort of communicated the silent pain of several Ghanaians, Ameyaw Debrah said he wished the exchange rate was as ‘bad’ as it was some few weeks ago.

I just saw an article that says $1 is now around 9ghc, and I must confess that even though I’m patriotic, i am pained. I’m expecting some payments in dollars, and I had calculated it to be at least 13ghc .

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