Katie Price 'Goes Under The Knife In Belgium To Have Her 16th Breast Implant Surgery'


English media personality, Katie Price has reportedly undergone her sixteenth boob job in order to have 'the biggest boobs in the country'.


The former glamour model, 44, has gone under the knife yet again in Belgium to increase the size of her ample assets, according to The Sun.

The publication has obtained pictures of the mum-of-five heading to a clinic before being escorted to surgery in a wheelchair, a canula in her hand.



A source said: 'Katie is getting massive 2120 CC implants. She wants to have the biggest boobs in the country, and these will certainly set her on her way to that goal.'

Katie later took to her Instagram Stories to share a selfie, appearing to be resting up after her operation. 


Katie has undergone an array of procedures over the years, including rhinoplasty, a silhouette facelift, 3D, veneers, lip fillers, and Botox. 


In 2015, just before appearing on Celebrity Big Brother, the reality star had a botched boob reduction that left her with a hole in her breast and an implant protruding from her flesh.


Katie told her shocked housemates: 'I’ve got no tits anymore. They’ve gone. There’s not even anything there. If you saw what I’m like underneath. The scar’s gone septic. My whole implant was hanging out on New Year’s Day.'

Shortly after leaving the Big Brother house she underwent corrective surgery and had her implants swapped for a D-cup.


Katie claimed her first facelift in 2017 had been a botched job and went back under the knife the following year aged 40 to correct it.


She said at the time 'I need to get my face re-corrected after surgeon has totally f**ked my face up'.


He agent added: 'She had the thread and it really quite distorted her look. She got a lot of backlash, a lot of negative press, a lot of trolling, everyone saying she’d taken it too far, when actually it was a job that had not gone to plan.'

In 2012 she jetted to Belgium to correct botched surgery on her breasts, saying her surgeon was utterly shocked by the 'awful' previous procedure.


Katie said: 'They looked deformed, they were absolutely awful. That's the first time I've gone to a different surgeon. I had to go back to Frank with my head down, ashamed that I'd been to another clinic.'

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