Lady Breaks Up With Boyfriend After His Parents Asked Her To Wash Dishes


An Indonesian lady has gone viral on Tiktok after she revealed why she broke up with her ex-lover which many people find to be very awkward.

According to this lady, she broke up with her boyfriend after his mum asked her to wash the dishes in the sink which had already been used before she arrived at their house for a visit.

She refused and promptly broke up the relationship saying she now had a picture of how the woman’s oldest daughter-in-law would feel like.

Aside from being instructed to wash the plates, she was also asked to help in the kitchen since dinner was been made.

The lady felt that the meet-the-parents event required a lot of labour rather than getting to know themselves.

Meanwhile, some social media users agree with her decision to break up with her boyfriend because her mother-in-law will definitely ruin her marriage if they ever get married.


Mari tuku pempes. Budal turu 🥲

♬ suara asli - Bella Deasy

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