Langabel Makes A Sharp U-Turn After Pinning Abiba As The Bad Luck Behind The Black Stars


Blackstars’ chief drummer, Joseph Langabel has made a sharp U-turn after earlier accusing Abiba Locks of the bad luck behind the senior national team.

Hours after Ghana lost to Uruguay in a very painful manner, Langabel took over social media trends following a video of him emphatically stating that Abiba Locks who is the official hair stylist for the senior national team should be blamed.

According to the football enthusiast, a lady named Abiba who visited the Black Stars hotel to work on the players’ hairstyles contributed to the team’s defeat to Uruguay in their last group match.

Elaborating on his allegation of perceived bad luck associated with the hairstylist, Langabel said Ghana has always lost in major tournaments anytime “the lady comes around”.

In a video making the rounds, he also alleged that she enjoys the luxury of lodging overnight in the player’s hotel for reasons yet known.

Langabel said he was compelled to question the Black Stars team manager why the said lady was allowed again at the hotel in Qatar a day before the clash with Uruguay.

“I have been with the Black Stars for a very long time so I know what’s happening with the team. There’s this lady who mostly visits the players at the team hotel to work on their hairstyles.

“Anytime this lady called Abiba visits the players to work on their hairstyles at the team hotel she’ll be there from evening till the next morning and I’m surprised.

However, in a new interview with ADOM FM, Langabel claimed that all the accusations he pelted against Abiba were lies.

According to him, he has never set his eyes on the professional hair stylist before – And he made those silYl comments out of pain following the Blackstars’ loss.

Meanwhile, some social media users have opined that Langabel has been threatened to come out and make this scripted confession because he sounded very emphatic in his first video.

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