Man Beats Girlfriend For Saying ‘No’ To His Marriage Proposal

 In most open marriage proposals, it’s the men who get humiliated but it seems the tables have turned.

A new video that has received mixed reactions from social media users captured the moment a man lost his cool after his girlfriend firmly said “No” to his marriage proposal.

Apparently, the man was expecting a ‘YES’ for an answer but he got shocked after the lady turned him down.

His heart got shattered and his emotions got stirred up forcing him to get physical and lose control of himself.

The lady in the video can be heard saying, “I can’t accept your proposal.”

The man in turn replied – ‘How can you tell me no; no for what?’

He suddenly became infuriated and started to physically assault the lady. If not for the timely intervention of the people around, things would have gotten bloody..

Watch the video below to know more…

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