Why Is Sean Combs Called ‘P. Diddy’? : Origin And Meaning Of The Nickname

Sean Combs, whose properties were raided by officials today, Monday, has had a number of stage names over the years including Puff Daddy, P. Diddy, and just Diddy.

The rapper and music mogul was born Sean John Combs, and one of his childhood nicknames was “Puff”, because he would “huff and puff” when he was angry, according to Combs.

That nickname became the basis for his first stage name, Puff Daddy, which hit the limelight in 1997 when he recorded his first work as a rapper, going to number one with his debut single Can’t Nobody Hold Me Down. At that point he was already a music mogul, as the founder and head of Bad Boy Records, which he’d set up in 1993.

Change to P. Diddy

In 2001, Combs changed his stage name from Puff Daddy to P. Diddy, saying he wanted something fresh in the aftermath of being found not guilty on charges of gun possession and bribery.

“No more Puff Daddy - the first week in June, we’re going to have a name-change ceremony,” said Combs at the time. “I’m not doing it as serious as Prince. I just want something fresh. I’m rocking with P Diddy just now.”

His next album, The Saga Continues, was released under his new moniker, although he had in fact used P. Diddy as an alias on record credits for work he had done for other artistswherel

As to where P. Diddy came from, Combs said it was a suggestion from his friend, the late rapper Notorious BIG, who was shot and killed in 1996.

Just Diddy

In 2005, Combs decided to drop the P to become just Diddy, arguing that the letter was a barrier between him and his fans. (Curiously he remained P. Diddy in the UK, after DJ Richard “Diddy” Dearlove took legal action over the change.)

Whilst Diddy is where he’s mostly at, he does still use the Puff Daddy name, particularly in connection with projects relating to his early career.

Name change to Sean Love Combs

Whilst not a nickname, Combs has legally changed his name from Sean John Combs to Sean Love Combs.

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