Man Pulls His Pants To Bare Naked Bum At Judge While Standing Trial For Allegedly Yelling Anti-Semitic Slurs At Jewish Daycare


A Michigan man exposed his buttocks to a judge during a virtual court appearance on Monday, Dec. 5.


Hassan Chokr, 35, was in court for a virtual emergency bond motion hearing regarding a charge of resisting arrest in Wayne County.

During the hearing, he pulled his pants and bared his bum at Judge Regina Thomas.


Consequently, the court has now revoked his bond, according to FOX 2.

Chokr was out on bond when he also allegedly yelled antisemitic comments outside a West Bloomfield Temple daycare on Friday.


The prosecutor said during the hearing that Chokr had "posted videos and statements on Instagram where he talks about buying guns and in one of his Instagram posts the defendant says ‘Your Jew tactics will only backfire on you, you have no place on this earth, Jew [expletive] Jew mother [expletives]. A storm is coming to wipe you all out of our lives.'"

Then, Chokr, who had said he pleaded the fifth, became frustrated. He began yelling and pointing at the camera during the hearing.


Thomas said the court had muted Chokr’s microphone amid his outburst.


Thomas said: "I want the record to reflect that while the court has muted the defendant’s microphone he appears to be yelling and pointing at the camera at the Oakland County Jail. And now he has removed his pants to show the court his backside."

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