Man Shocked After Discovering 24-Yr-Old Lady He Was Wooing Is Studying For Her PhD

An intimidated Nigerian man has rescinded his romantic advances at a lady after he discovered the 24-year-old he was trying to win over is undergoing her PhD programme.

The cowardice who appears to have lost all wet his pants after his discovery took to Twitter to share his disappointment in a tweet.

The tweeter with the handle @Uncle_Sarm posted on Friday, writing: “This girl i just entered talking stage with is doing her Phd, she’s just 24, omo i don jappa o dfkm”.

The tweet which has since been retweeted by over 1,500 people and liked by over 7,000 users has incited hilarious reactions on the microblogging platform as many wondered why he has thrown in the towel so quickly.

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