Mass Shooting Leaves At Least Six Dead In Canada


At least six people have died after a gunman went on a shooting spree at an apartment block, police said.


Officers have reported that the shooting took place on Sunday night, Dec. 18,  in the Belleria Residences on the corner of Jane Street and Rutherford Road.

York Regional Police Constable Laura Nicole revealed that officers responded to a call reporting that there had been multiple victims from gunfire in Vaughan, Ontario, Canada.


The suspect subsequently died after a confrontation with police after they had arrived on the scene.

It is not clear yet whether the suspected gunman was killed by police or took his own life.

Constable Nicole went on to describe the shooting as the "most terrible call I’ve seen in my entire career".


The police have not yet divulged any information on the events that preceded the shooting and officers are still searching the apartment block for any other potential victims.

York Regional Police Chief Jim MacSween has now confirmed to assembled media that six people have been killed, including the gunman.


Unconfirmed social media reports claim that an apartment block board meeting was being held in the building when the suspect - a former board member - allegedly burst into the room before opening fire. The report claims that eight people were shot in total.

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