Meg Thee Stallion Wishes She Would Have Been Killed By Tory Lanez Instead Of Being Shot In The Foot

Three years ago in July 2020, American rapper Meg Thee Stallion was shot in the foot. She claimed she had been shot by fellow rapper, Tory Lanez, who was in the company of both Meg and her former best friend, Kelsey Nicole on that fateful night.

For years, Tory Lanez denied shooting Meg Thee Stallion.

As the assault trial began in mid-December 2022, Meg Thee Stallion was quoted by several American media outlets saying she wished she would have died in that shooting instead of being shot in the foot and having to be bullied for years in what she claims turned out to Tory Lanez being turned into a victim and she the villain for allegedly targeting him.

“I wish he would have just killed me if I’d known I’d have to go through this,” said Megan in relation to how a target was placed on her back for accusing Tory Lanez in a male-dominated rap industry in America.

She claimed she endured slut shaming and the conversation solely focused on whom she had been intimate with back then – it was claimed she and Tory had been dating- instead of the shooting incident.

Rolling Stone’s reporter Nancy Dillion who reported from the courtroom said that Megan bemoaned how she was having a difficult time comfortably telling her story seating across from Tory and trying to be a strong woman after having her power taken from her for three years.

“This whole story was about whom I’m sleeping with, and I don’t understand why that matters. It’s disgusting at this point. How can I share my body with someone who could shoot me? Because I was shot, I’ve been turned into some kind of villain and he’s the victim. This has messed up my whole life,” Megan was quoted saying as she expressed the embarrassment she endured.

Tory Lanez defended himself saying he did not shoot Meg and he and his defence attorney planned to cast doubt on whether it was he or Kelsey Nicole Harris who shot Megan because they both tested positive for gunshot residue. However, Nicole plans to testify that she saw her friend getting shot by the defendant, Tory Lanez.

In the aftermath of the shooting, Meg was rushed to the emergency room for immediate surgery to remove bullet fragments from her foot.

For a while, neither of the parties would confirm what had transpired prior to the shooting, creating a vacuum for theories to be made and sides to be taken.

The public was initially swayed in support of Tory Lanez because Meg showed up at a performance days later and gave it her all she is known for vigorous dancing during her performances- casting doubt on whether she was really injured as she claimed.

Over the years, after several back-and-forth accusations on social media between Meg and Tory as well as their fans, public opinion became divided and it was these sentiments that Meg especially bemoaned because it was believed theirs was a lover’s tiff turned tragic.

The trial continues.

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