Mo Salah Underfire By Muslims For Celebrating Christmas


Egyptian forward Mohamed Salah is under a barrage of criticism for celebrating Christmas.

The uproar that greeted a picture he shared ostensibly to share in the joy of the moment was loud.

Several staunch Muslims have taken swipes at him for coming out to celebrate Christmas with Christians when he is not a converted Christian.

While some do not find any fault with his action since it was a show of solidarity, others have questioned his motive and called him out for celebrating an opposing religion.

Some of the comments passed by Muslims in reaction to the post by Mohamed Salah are as follows:

Thiago: You should acknowledge that many kids look up to you as a Muslim figure, this is not setting a good example brother.

Sbin wrote: They said that God has a son. Exalted be God above what they describe. They said that God is the third of three: “Exalted be God above what they associate with Him.” And we say [there is no god but Allah, alone, with no partner], so say whatever you want

Salem wrote: Enough bowing to the West, you are a role model for Muslim youth

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