Moesha Boduong Details How She Nearly Committed Suicide

Ghanaian actress and socialite, Moesha Boduong has alleged that she nearly committed suicide during the early months after her most talked about liposuction.

Speaking in an exclusive interview with Delay, Moesha reportedly said;

“I just to say this, trolling, bullying, belittling and all those things they did to me got to me when I did my body. I nearly committed suicide. I act tough because I hate to share that part. I needed to be tough to become who I am today.

“It really killed my soul. Doing my body in Ghana really killed my soul, I look back at everything and say, if I had died, it would be for nothing. I think they owe me an apology,”

She also bragged that she was the first person to enlighten most Ghanaian women about liposuction.

According to her, she’s a pacesetter and will continue to set trends until the end of time by describing herself as Ghana’s Kim Kardashain.

“Kim Kardashian loves Jesus, and I have watched most of her interviews loving God and still posing for brands that sell her brand.

“God can also make me like her, I hate to say this, but God never hated on Kim and I would always be soo different from everyone,”

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