MOG Plans To Sue WAEC

Gospel musician MOG has revealed that he is in search of a good lawyer so he can sue examination body WAEC for cancelling his results years ago.

The musician in an interview talking about the painful thing in his life mentioned that the West African Examination Council (WAEC) cancelled his result because he was accused by a friend of cheating.

Sharing lights on the issue he mentioned that back in ADISCO, one of his mates someway and somehow got access to the SSCE questions and was selling it to interested students.

He on the other hand was focused and learning to sit for the exams but WAEC got wind of what was going on in ADISCO and came in with police to arrest the person selling the questions.

When the boy was asked who his accomplice was, his name was mentioned and he was also picked up by the police but despite all his effort to tell them he was innocent, he was made to write a statement and told that they would be heading to court.

When the results were released, his was cancelled and they have never been to court for him to clear himself as WAEC promised.

MOG mentioned that due to this he has to write an entrance exam before he was accepted into the university and as it stands now, he has nothing to prove he had his SHS education in ADISCO.

“It was a painful moment. I went to ADISCO, and I was writing my SSCE and one of my mates had the questions, but he was selling them and for some reason, WAEC got the info that there is someone doing that.

“So WAEC traced and came to the school and had him arrested. He had a colleague he did the job with, but he rather named me his partner. I was writing one of my papers when WAEC stormed the hall and took me out to investigate me.

“My colleague was swearing before them that I was his partner, so I wrote a statement and told my parents. WAEC took it to court, and they cancelled our papers without any court hearing. I am saying this on air,” he explained.

“It affected me emotionally and psychologically. I had to do another entrance exam to go to the University and I want a lawyer to help me get my SSCE results.”

According to MOG, “that is one painful thing in my life. As I am here, there is nothing that shows I went to ADISCO. I want a lawyer to help me to go to court just to get it. I have told myself that by next year I am going to court to recall that case,” he said.

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