Most Ghanaians Are Illiterates; Nana Addo Is Doing His Best : Amelli

Amelli, Ghanaian musician endorsed by legendary musician Reggie Rockstone, has praised President Nana Akufo-Addo. 

According to the versatile artist, the current president is doing a lot, but because most Ghanaians are illiterate, they believe the president is not leading the country in the right direction. 

He also accused the media of misleading Ghanaians as a result of paid gigs for individuals to sabotage the current government. 

He also discussed the viral words the president once used, "Money Doesn't Like Noise" —- expanding on this, he revealed the media is doing its best to portray the president's chosen words negatively rather than looking at the positive side of this chosen words during a national address he once gave. 

Amelli tweeted below. 

A lot of Ghanaians 🇬🇭 will notice @NAkufoAddo is not a bad president after his off power. 

Why will I say this? 

1. Because 95% of Ghanaians don’t think (Do research) for themselves but rather listen to the Media and go by what’s popular. 

Open Quotes for More 

@NAkufoAddo is one of his kind Africa presidents addressing “Self Making” and I respect him a lot for that. 

Trying to educate the citizens on thinking Habits. 

“Your mind is your everything as a human so if you don’t think right, you can’t live Right.” 

The term now is “Money don’t like NOISE” and the media is doing its very best to promote only that part “money don’t like noise instead of advertising/ educating the public not to talk down on our money. 

I quote: 
“ If you talk down your money it will go down” 

So in my own small mind, why can’t we (Ghanaians) change our thinking to change of living? 

I think the president is doing a great job, but 95% of Ghanaians are educated but illiterates. 

And the MEDIA is also on a paid Agenda to confuse the masses. 

Together we can #AMBtrends 
Amelli is the CEO and founder of AMBtrends, as well as the owner of the "SevenEven" clothing line, which is also the title of his upcoming album. 

He's also embarking on a donation project for the needy with Smile Empowerment, with the goal of putting a smile on the faces of foreign street kids in Accra by 2023. 

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