Nana Agradaa Allegedly Causes Husband’s Arrest : Here’s Why

Word on the street has it that Evangelist Patricia Oduro, better known as Nana Agradaa, got her husband arrested shortly after her release from custody on bail.

A lady claiming to have knowledge of the matter made the allegations in a video clip shared on Instagram by gossip blogger ThosecalledCeleb.

The repented priestess was put behind bars in October for allegedly defrauding her church members. She was granted bail last month after meeting all conditions.

According to the source, Nana Agradaa returned home to one of her cars missing from their residence. She then filed a complaint against her husband and pastor Eric Oduro Korantenga and got him arrested.

The founder and leader of the Heaven Way Church is alleged to have accused her husband of trying to sell off one of her cars while she was in jail.

The source claimed that the husband thought his wife would spend several months in jail due to the charges leveled against her and decided to sell off her valuables.

The blogger captioned the video on her page, “apparently, Agradaa arrested her husband on a car th£ft issue after she was granted bail…according to the lady, agradaa came home and saw that, one of her expensive car was missing s33 na better for ?ors£ la take hide… my probl£m now is… so the first Sunday at the church after her cells,. where Mr. Eric repped no….saaa time no nyinaa, it was real marriage man supporting a wife or CONTENT CREATION time? ehu oooo”.

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