Nana Agradaa Asks Church Members To Pay Registration Fees

Nana Agradaa aka Evangelist Mama Pat is back in business and has already started asking new church members to pay their registration fees to be recognized as her church members .

The fetish priestess turned Evangelist was recently released from police custody after spending some weeks behind bars for allegedly duping people off their monies with the explanation of doubling it for them.

Following her release, netizens thought she would have learnt her lesson and wouldn’t engage in such act again but seems that isn’t in the books of Nana Agradaa.

She urged the people to visit her church in Weija at any moment to become a member in a recent video.

Agradaa claims that because to the accusations made against her, she is unwilling to assist anyone who is not a member of her church.

Watch the video below:

She emphasized that in order to participate in her Heaven Way Church’s mass contribution drive and prevent future embarrassment, you must sign up as a member.

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