Man Who Spent Ghc 390k On His Wedding Cries After Divorcing His Wife Just 8 Months Later

A Nigerian man has gone viral on the internet after revealing that he spent 12.3 million naira on his traditional wedding alone.

According to this young man whose marriage collapsed just 8 months after its inception, he regrets throwing such a huge amount of money on his failed union.

Sharing his ordeal on social media, he lamented that he’s aware not many people will believe he spent that huge amount of money on his wedding but he’s telling the truth.

In the video, tubers of yam, and other things can be seen as well as his divorced wife.

Apparently, his now-divorced wife looks way older than him and that might be the cause of their separation.

I hope he has learnt his lesson and won’t spend such a gargantuan sum of money on his next wedding.

Watch the video below.

Many people are now interested in weddings and not marriage per se. They rush to marry people they’ve known for a very short period and later regret making such hasty decisions. 

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