“Pentecost Church Does Not Recognize The Poor Members As Human Beings” : Street Preacher


A street preacher has insinuated that the Church of Pentecost dabbles in favoritism and that the treatment of poor church members is less significant.

According to him, he was once a member of the Aid Church, and during those periods, he saw how the rich were given bigger titles and treated with respect.

He added that anyone who attends the Church of Pentecost but is not financially viable will not be respected.

The street preacher, who was dressed like a secular musician, said that whenever he took offerings, he spent them all by himself.

He went on to quash the popular Christian notion that offerings are sacrifices made to God. According to him, God does not take offerings, and thus he, like all other pastors, spends the money they receive on themselves and their families.His assertion about the marginalization of the poor by the Pentecostal Church ties into what musician Criss Waddle had said about the same institution.

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