PHOTO Of Roman Sister Suspected To Be Pregnant Causes Stir On Social Media


A photo of a nun or Roman sister has caused hysteria on social media.

The mad reaction from netizens stems from the fact that the lady in the picture looked as though she was heavily pregnant.

Since staying chaste and never getting into an amorous relationship is fundamental to being a nun, many have reacted by criticising her.

Others believe it could just be a nun who was not pregnant at all but the camera angle could have told a different story.

On the other side, many also intimated that it could be she was battling with a serious health condition which resulted in her belly protruding quite visibly.

Whatever it may be, the thought of a nun or Roman sister getting pregnant and walking on the street is basically unfathomable.

DanielRegha wrote: This looks like pregnancy but it’s not, cos a nun can’t be pregnant & parade herself dressed like that; That’s public scandal which means she will be expelled from the church. It seems like she has a medical condition, possibly fibroid. Wishing her God’s divine healing..

Beidagoddess wrote: She is sick… She has done all sorts of tests and Ultrasounds, etc and nothing has been found yet. Please take this down. She is a very good woman.

Bobby wrote: This is wrong , I mean it looks like she has a medical condition. Different conditions ranging from liver disorders to even malignancies like ovarian cancer can be the reason why there is fluid gathering in the stomach, don’t make fun of people who have challenges.

A post by one of the dioceses in Cameroon, Yaounde pointed to the fact that she might be quite sick which has resulted in her unusually big tummy.

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