Reality Tv Star Brandi Glanville Reveals Ex-Husband Eddie Cibrian Had Affair With Actress Piper Perabo While Filming On Set And They Even Flirted In Her Presence


Former "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star Brandi Glanville (top right) has accused actress Piper Perabo (top left) of having an affair with her ex-husband and actor, Eddie Cibrian.


In a new interview, Glanville accused the two of having a sexual relationship while filming "The Cave" in 2005.


"They did a movie together, and [my son] Mason was 1 year old and I went to the set, and it was in another country, Romania, I think," she told Page Six. "And [Perabo] was a horrible c--t to me."

The reality TV star said that while she was on set to visit Cibrian, Perabo flirted with her husband.


"She was flirting with Eddie, like, right in front of me," Glanville further claimed in the interview. "I was like, ‘Am I here? Am I the only person [seeing this]? Like, what is happening?’"


"I made friends on set and I heard a lot of things," she explained, adding that crew members informed her "that Piper and Eddie were f---ing."


Glanville said she confronted Cibrian, but he denied anything happened between the pair.


"He convinced me that it wasn’t true," she told the outlet. "We had a 1-year-old son, and he was the love of my life at the time and, you know, there was a lot of convincing me of things."


Cibrian also allegedly had affairs with Scheana Shay from "Vanderpump Rules" and LeAnn Rimes.

It was Cibrain's relationship with the Shay that led Glanville and Cibrian to call it quits for good. Eddie Cibrian then married LeAnn Rimes in 2011


Cibrian and Glanville met at a club in the 1990s, according to multiple reports. The couple was married from 2001 until 2010. They welcomed their first son in 2003 and their second in 2007.

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