Update: Argentina World Cup Parade Leaves One Dead And 5-Year-Old Boy In Coma


Argentina's World Cup celebrations have left a 24-year-old fan dead after he fell through a roof during Tuesday's victory parade following the country's win over France.


Lionel Messi and the rest of Argentina's players delivered the nation's first World Cup triumph since 1986 and it caused millions in Argentina to throw parties.


However, Tuesday's bus parade was cut short for safety concerns of fans jumping onto the top of the bus with the players. 

The Buenos Aires Ministry of Health also confirmed the fan died in hospital on Monday December 19, due to a head injury picked up while celebrating.


Details from police in Buenos Aires, published by La Nacíon. say the man 'was jumping on the roof, celebrating the triumph of the National Team, until [the roof] broke and he fell,' leading to fatal injury. 


In a statement posted by his family, they say the man mistook 'a plastic sheet', which was serving as a temporary roof. 


He died from his injuries at the Fernández Hospital in Buenos Aires.


There are also fears over a five-year-old boy that is in a coma after sustaining a serious head injury following an incident in Plaza San Martin, where he was celebrating Argentina's World Cup triumph with his parents. 


La Nacion have also detailed how a piece of marble fell from a monument during the celebrations, striking the child, who is now in intensive care. 

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