Update: Kudus Not Banned By FIFA, Will Play For Ghana Against Uruguay

During Kudus Mohammed’s second goal celebration against South Korea, he aggressively ran to the camera and said some words which were inaudible.

It is believed that he used the “F” word which is prohibited by FIFA and strongly opposed by the footballing body.

It was earlier reported by some media outlets that the Ghanaian midfielder will likely be banned by FIFA and might not feature in our game against Uruguay tomorrow.

Because if the information and investigations prove he did use the “F” word, he would have faced any of the three disciplinary actions by FIFA which are stated below;

  1. Pay and fine, be banned, and not play the match against Uruguay
  2. Be banned and not play the match against Uruguay
  3. Pay a fine to FIFA and play the match against Uruguay

Ghanaians have had relief because Kudus never used the F word while celebrating as earlier perceived and suggested by some media men.

Although the exact words he used are inaudible but it can be firmly stated that he didn’t cuss.

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