Actress, Empress Njamah’s Ex-Husband Leaks Her Nudes Online After Divorce


After their painful divorce, Empress Njamah's estranged husband has resorted to revenge porn as a form of retaliation.

Josh Wade, Empress Njamah's ex-husband, has reportedly begun releasing nude videos of her on Whatsapp.

Josh had already threatened Empress last December to return to him or else he would disgrace her by publishing nude pictures and videos online.

Josh, a Liberian man, started a WhatsApp group on Monday and began posting naked videos he took of Empress in her home, including innocent videos of her taking a bath.

Participants in Josh's Whatsapp group, which was created specifically for the purpose of sharing Empress' nude video and pictures until the end of the year, have demanded that he be arrested immediately because it is a crime in Nigeria to publish the nudes of others without their consent.

Empress Njamah divorced her husband in December after accusing him of assaulting her physically.

The actress revealed on her personal page that the engagement video was made under duress and that she had been scammed, beaten, and held hostage by the man, who she claims is from Liberia.

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