Alec Baldwin Won't Be Charged For Shooting 'Rust' Director


Actor Alec Baldwin will not be charged with the shooting of "Rust" Director Joel Souza, even though it was same bullet that killed cinematographer Halyna Hutchins.


Santa Fe District Attorney's Office told TMZ that there's just no crime when it comes to the Souza incident.


According to the DA, the only way to characterize the shooting of Souza is an "unintentional battery," and no such thing exists. A battery requires intent, and even the D.A. says Baldwin had no intention to hurt anyone. The case against Baldwin is rooted in alleged recklessness.


This is coming amid criticism the DA has faced since announcing that Baldwin will be charged with manslaughter for the death of Halyna.


If the case goes to trial, it's certain Baldwin's lawyers will argue the actor merely followed long-standing custom, so that would in no way constitute recklessness.


The D.A. has also been criticized after it disclosed that Baldwin would be charged because of his Executive Producer role in the movie even though he took it up to get back-end profits.

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