Angry Wife Storms Brothel To Strip And Beat Prostitute She Caught With Husband


A wife battered a naked prostitute for about five minutes after she found out she had sex with her husband.


The wife is understood to have arrived at the massage parlour in Phuket, Thailand, after her husband had left, but discovered the sex worker sitting in a chair.


The wife is thought to have followed her husband when after she discovered images on his phone of him and the prostitute on Wednesday, Jan. 25.


When she met the prostitute, the wife ripped a towel off her, leaving her naked. She then proceeded to repeatedly slap the young woman.

Police have now launched an investigation into the incident.


Footage of the attack showed the woman standing over the terrified sex worker as she tried to grab her phone from her.


The prostitute asked for forgiveness and said she was sorry.


Pleading for forgiveness, she said, "I didn't know he had a wife."


She added: "I will stop seeing him."

However, this did not stop the wife from beating her.


It is reported that an hour with one of the women who work at the parlour costs around £49 per hour.


In the video, a variety of sex paraphernalia is seen in the background. Around the room used tissues, sex toys and mirrors were spotted.

The Mueang Phuket Provincial Police Station’s Colonel Sarawut Chuprasit said in a statement: "Officers are checking where the incident occurred. Nobody recognises that massage place.


"There have been no complaints from any of the people involved but I encourage the victim to report the incident to police. We will investigate it urgently for them."


Discussing leaked information Lawyer Anantarak Pathin said: "The assault is a criminal offence and the victim can report it to the police.


"I think the attack is extremely severe because several people were in the room and witnessed the slapping and stripping.


"It was unacceptable that the woman was stripped naked. It should be investigated fully."


Watch the video below:

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