Another Sidechick Exposes Senior Banking Manager Of A Popular Bank

This year will definitely be brutal for sugar daddies hence they should brace themselves for the incoming exposes which might make a lot of them lose their jobs and also break their homes.

According to a lady on Twitter with the handle name @Akua_Addobea, her ex-sugar daddy who is a Senior Banking Manager at a popular bank used and dumped her without fulfilling the promises he made to her.

As claimed by the lady, their break up was so brutal to the extent that the man threatened to leak her nudes.

She contacted a police officer who advised her to report the case to the CID because the man might leak her nudes as he had threatened and that would have consequently dented her reputation and image on the internet.

She did exactly that and an email was sent to him and the bank he works for.

The bank queried him and out of fear that he will lose he might lose his job, he sent thugs after him to snatch steal her phone which contained all the viral information she could have against him in court.

Take a look at the screenshots below:

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