Benedicta Gafah Goes For HIV Test After Accusations Of Having The Virus


This could be a publicity stunt because no one goes for an HIV test and then posts videos of the procedure online.

It's a new year, and our celebrities have started the year with their empty gimmicks to gain clout on the internet.

Benedicta, a Kumawood actress, has shared a video of herself undergoing an HIV test at a hospital.

According to her, she was forced to take the test after one of her fans stormed her DMs to inquire about her HIV status after reading on the internet that she had the virus.

According to Benedicta, this isn't the first time she's received such a message from a fan, so she's decided to make her HIV status public in order to prevent others from asking the same questions in her DMs.

She captioned the video as;

Received a DM this morning from someone asking me if it’s tru I’m HIV positive and it’s something he/she heard. So I quickly drove to 37 (Military Hospital) and I was assured the results would be in this evening. Posting this because it isn’t the 1st time I’ve received such a message in my DM,”

She later shared the results online after the test and God being so good, it came out negative.

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