Bridget Otoo Loses Child

Aba D Great, Ghanaian blogger, is causing quite a stir on social media.

Following a controversial post she made this morning, the blogger has caused concern for pregnant Bridget Otoo.

Taking to her Facebook page, she wrote, 'Dear Bridget Otoo, everything is fine.... It's all right...'

She accompanied this heartfelt message with a photo of a heavily pregnant Bridget Otoo!

Following her post, fans, loved ones, and gossipers jumped on it, wondering if media personality Bridget Otoo was okay.

Because she is pregnant, people on social media want to know how her baby is doing.

However, after causing fear and panic among netizens, Aba D Great has gone silent. She has refused to elaborate on what she meant.

We hope Bridget Otoo is doing well with her child.

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