"C** With Me" : Naked Man Says As He Interrupts Council Meeting And Begins Masturbating


A virtual local council meeting was brought to an abrupt halt after a member of the public interrupted it to "pleasure himself" on camera.


Flintshire Council cabinet members in Wales, UK, were left shocked when the man rudely interrupted the Zoom meeting on waste strategy yesterday, January 17, Deeside.com reported.


The meeting was jeopardised after an unknown participant joined the call and interrupted various councillors before appearing on camera performing a sex act saying: "C** with me."


In a shocking error, the ill-fated meeting was published in full on the northeast Wales council's website, but was swiftly taken down after Deeside reported the mistake.


Towards the end of the session one of the councillors described a paper collection operation, saying "there was no difficulty," before he was interrupted by a voice that sounded American, which said: "Uh, there was a little bit of difficulty."


"Somebody’s joined the meeting," one of the councillors explained, and then asked if the voice was a member of the public, to which he said "yes".


The man was then told civilians were welcome to watch the public meeting from a separate link but are not supposed to join via Zoom, and the session resumed.


Later in the meeting, another councillor said she had been "hacked" and that her account was being used to send inappropriate messages that weren't written by her.


"I’m a bit concerned that I seem to have been hacked and messages keep being made in my name," she said.


"I don’t know how this has happened but I feel very uncomfortable about saying anything on this meeting or making any comments..."


It was then that a man, thought to be the same who had interrupted the meeting initially, appeared on screen wearing no clothes and pleasuring himself.


He said: "C**, I want you to c** with me," as cabinet members watched on in horror.


The meeting was brought to an abrupt end and resumed later.


The council is now in the process of reviewing its security settings for online meetings. Councillors can join the meeting via Zoom, while members of the public and press can only watch via a link on the council's website.

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