DNA Results Show US Rapper Meek Mill Is Partly Ghanaian

Meek Mill reacts after DNA tests reveal that he is partially Ghanaian.

Meek Mill, US rapper, underwent a DNA test, which revealed that he is partially Ghanaian.

Meek Mill's ancestry can be traced back to Ghana, Nigeria, the Ivory Coast, and Togo, according to the results.

Meanwhile, Meek Mill is only 18 per cent Ghanaian as the results showed. Below is the breakdown of Meek Mill’s supposed ancestry.

Senegal – 5%

Mali – 8%

Congo – 14%

Cameroon – 14%

Nigeria – 18%

Ghana – 18%

Ivory Coast – 18%

Benin – 21%

Togo – 21%

According to the DNA results, Meek Mill is most likely Togolese or Beninese.

Meek Mill was in Ghana on December 29, 2022, for the Afronation concert. He was able to participate in a bike parade and meet the president.

He has since expressed his admiration for Ghana and the possibility of purchasing a crib there.

Meanwhile, in response to the DNA test, Meek Mill described Ghana as his "second home" on Instagram.

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