Fans Criticize Efya for Being a Lesbian


Efya, a Ghanaian singer, sparked outrage among her fans when she admitted to sexually satisfying herself.

The singer was interviewed on the Delay Show, and she revealed that she could please herself entirely.

Following the video's virality, Efya fans have expressed a range of emotions.

In the video, Efya can be heard saying, “I am very capable of satisfying myself sexually.” Delay, the host, clearly taken aback by Efya’s response, reiterated her statement, which Efya reaffirmed. “I mean, we all can,” Efya clarified. Meanwhile, check out the video below.

Some fans backed Efya, while others chastised her for publicly discussing such a private matter.

Efya has not responded to the video's backlash, but her fans are divided on the subject.

Unfortunately, it is widely assumed that Efya is a lesbian, which is allegedly public knowledge.

Whatever one's feelings are, it is only fair that Efya retains her right to be open about her sexuality. 

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