Guy Commits Suicide By Jumping Off An Overhead Bridge


Our leaders have completely failed us and it’s time we the youth have a very serious conversation on how to take back power from the old luggages who think it’s their birthright to hold important positions in their country due to maturity.

A sad video which is currently trending on social media captures the chilling moment a young Nigerian guy committed suicide by jumping off an overhead bridge in Enugu.

According to reports, the guy recently lost his job and after failing to get a new one within two months, he decided to end it all because he was finding it difficult to afford just a single meal within the day.

He was also in serious debt because after he was laid off, he was borrowing to feed himself as well as his parents in the village.

In the video, the witnesses can be heard begging him not to jump but he turned a deaf ear to their words and acted blind and proceeded to end his life in a very tragic manner.

This video has opened up a hot conversation on the internet as to how to get competent leaders to lead African countries because both the old and present ones have completely failed us.

Click on this LINK to watch the video.

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