Her Father Paid Me To Marry Her, But I Can’t Stand Her Bedwetting : Youngman Laments


A frustrated Ghanaian man is at his wit’s end because of his bedwetting wife and currently contemplating divorcing her.

As narrated by the man during an interview with Ms Nancy on TV3’s Confessions, he wasn’t in love with his wife, but her father-in-law made him a proposition he couldn’t ignore.

His story starts the morning after an intense night of sex with his new beautiful girlfriend.

He narrated that the next day, she refused to get out of bed and, upon his insistence, realized that she had urinated on herself in bed sometime during the night.

“My bedsheet, my duvet, my mattress, everything was soaked. She had bed-wet everything, and it wasn’t a small amount of urine. I was confused, but I’m not one to embarrass her. So I told her everything was fine. So I collected everything, took it to the bedroom and washed them. In my head, it was a one-off thing.”

He tells that this act of chivalry began his present-day ordeal as her, who is now his wife, father called him with a proposal he could not ignore. His girlfriend’s father informed him that they have been trying to his daughter’s bedwetting but to no avail.

“If only I was willing to marry their daughter and not make a fuss about her bedwetting, they were willing to sponsor a lavish wedding. They will give us a house, they will give us cars, they will give us a bank account,” the tired man said.

But after two years, he is tired of sleeping on a urine-soaked mattress.

He disclosed that he suggested separate bedrooms because the stench was too much, but his wife refused. What should he do? Is divorce an option and losing everything?

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