Husband Catches Best Friend Sleeping With His Wife


Very soon, we will be walking on the streets with lanterns during broad daylight light searching for honest people to marry because the world is now full of wicked people who are also not sexually disciplined.

A husband who is normally not at home because of his work schedule and travels innocently came home to surprise his wife not knowing that his surprise visit was going to ruin his marriage.

According to the husband who made an appearance on Aunty Naa’s Oyerepa Afutuo show, the guy who is a known drug dealer in their neighbourhood used charms on his wife because there’s no way she would have agreed to sleep with him with her clear eyes.

As narrated by the husband, the guy whose name is Okolonko is his friend and they both smoke wee together not knowing he was eyeing his wife anytime he came to visit him in the house.

Because his wife and Okolonko were once caught having sex in his room, they changed their location to the bank of a river.

It’s believed that the river god who hates nonsense has placed a curse on both the wife and Okolonko because they are now mentally unwell.

Watch the video below:

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