Husband Who Pays For Everything Divorces Wife After Finding Out She Secretly Owns A House And Uber Cars


A young Ghanaian man who went viral on the internet a few days ago after sharing his disheartening marital story with Kofi Noel on his Facebook page has now divorced his wife.

For those who don’t know the genesis of this issue – The young man found out that his wife had a secret 3-bedroom house, a land at Oyibi and Uber cars which worked for her after she handed over her old iPhone to her hubby’s younger sister.

All this while, the lady was taking Ghc 7000 salary while the man had a take-home salary of Ghc 4,500.

Despite all these, the wife never supported him and turned a blind eye to the burden he was carrying which was breaking his back.

Take a look at the screenshots below:

The wife later came to apologize to her husband after she read the story online and felt guilty over her wickedness.

She also promised to put up good behaviour henceforth and financially support her hubby and also transfer her properties to his name.

The wife also disclosed for the first time to him that she was 2 months old pregnant.

Apparently, the man refused his wife’s apology and because of that, she invited her family over to their house to talk to him.

The man still refused to forgive her and insist on divorcing her for both of them to go their separate ways.

A DNA test will also be conducted immediately after she puts to birth because he doesn’t trust he’s the father of the yet-to-be-born child.

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