“I Felt Bad Because I Was The One Who Even Trained Her” : AJ Poundz On Felica Osei Replacing Her At Onua FM


Brocaster AJ Poundz has revealed her feelings about TikToker Felicia Osei replacing her at Onua FM, a subsidiary station of the Media General Group.

According to her, she felt betrayed after she later found out that her protegee, whom she had been training and grooming, was going to replace her.

Speaking in an interview with ZionFelix, AJ Poundz did not just state how she felt about the decision of the station to let Felicia Osei replace her but also bemoaned the fact that it was kept away from her.

“My boss asked me to train Felicia Osei because I was told she would join me. I accepted to train her, and it went well. However, after a few weeks, I started hearing news about her replacing me. “It was just a rumor at the station.”

AJ Poundz added that she was amazed when a flyer started circulating announcing Felicia Osei as her replacement, considering that she was the one who was training her with the purpose of them working together.

“So a flyer started going around announcing Felica as the next host. I was then called, and the news was delivered to me that someone would be taking over. “I felt bad because I felt we could have worked together for a while before she took over.”

Felicia Osei has already become the host of the late afternoon show on Onua FM.

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