“I’ll Seek Revenge Against You” : Deewills Threatens Father : This Is Why


Deewills threatens revenge against his overbearing and strict father, Archbishop Duncan Williams.

Daniel Duncan Williams, aka DeeWillz, has threatened to seek revenge against his overbearing and strict father, Archbishop Duncan Williams.

After he was detained by the police and thrown into a psychiatric hospital, DeeWilllls called on the public to help him seek justice against his father.

According to him, he had tried to escape to Nigeria to go see his girlfriend. He gave his parents an excuse because they wouldn’t allow him to if they knew his intentions.

No sooner had he arrived at the airport to take his flight than he was arrested and detained by the police.

According to him, his father got wind of his decision to leave home and thus called for his arrest after he had sent his personal security over.

Deewills cried over the fact that his parents are too controlling and do not allow him to have his freedom. Although he has decided not to follow in the footsteps of his father by becoming a pastor, he has not been allowed to have his peace.

Sharing a video on social media and tagging his father, DeeWills said he would surely seek revenge by breaking up with his father and seeking his eventual emancipation.

Because i decided to travel alone withought informing my family (which is my own choice) due to this exact reason. I have been detained by police and doctors and put in a psychiatric ward for nothing. @ArchbishopNick i will have my justice. My God will arise. It is well ??

There has been continuous bad blood between Deewills and his father, the Archbishop, with the two yet to find an amicable solution to their fallout.


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