Jackie Appiah Allegedly Secretly Marries

Social media users who discovered this new lovely video on the iconic actress' Instagram page were forced to conclude that she secretly married during the Christmas holidays.

We can't confirm or deny the news on the street, but something juicy may be going on behind the scenes that we're unaware of.

Because prior to this, rumors circulated on the local digital space that Jackie was engaged to Liberia's president, Geroge Oppong Weah.

Jackie Appiah was dressed in all-white designer clothes, as seen in the fast-trending refreshing video.

She flashed her expensive diamond ring to the camera at the end of the video.

Many people believe that the mother of one secretly married because the ring was worn on her ring finger.

The ring finger is the third finger on the left hand, and it holds the wedding and engagement rings. This is a representation of everlasting love, beauty, and creativity.

Watch below.

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