Lady In Tears As Boyfriend Who Pampered Her Impregnates Another Woman


An African American lady has shared how she was endlessly pampered by her boyfriend only for him to end up impregnating another woman.

In a video making the rounds online, the young lady narrated how her relationship ended after her loving and caring boyfriend cheated on her and got caught in the process.

She revealed that he pampered her from the very first month they started dating and treated her to numerous romantic gestures.

According to the woman, her man named Caleb gave her the very first bible she owns during their one-month dating anniversary.

The boyfriend used to send her messages daily, reassuring her of his love and how special she was to him and the world.

He also gave her flowers every week and planned regular romantic dates, however, despite all these, he still got another woman pregnant.

The lady who works at a restaurant said the woman her man impregnated called her when she was at work and that was how she found out he has another girlfriend.

She totally got heartbroken after hearing the news but she did not delay before breaking up with him for her mental peace.

Watch the video below:


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