Lady Undresses & Agrees To Have Sex With Stranger In An Uncompleted Building In Exchange For iPhone 12 | WATCH

The greed and eagerness to possess iPhone is becoming something serious lately in the lives of the majority of ladies.

I can’t fathom the sense of urgency on the side of the ladies when it comes to having an iPhone to themselves.

There have been stories of some pretty ladies falling prey to men over an iPhone. These ladies would do anything just to own one and flex with it.

Peer pressure and the quest to fit in the social media space to feel accepted make them go all out and sell their pride at a cheap rate.

Here’s to another story of a lady who with no knowledge of being recorded gave in to demands by a stranger to be bonked and given an iPhone 12 in return.

According to the video available to GHPage, the lady was crossed by this guy stranger who asked for sex in exchange for an iPhone 12.

The lady at once gave in and offered herself to be ‘knacked’ in a quickie in an uncompleted building where they were standing.

She went in and nearly undressed to have a quickie but the guy apparently was a prankster and called off the show.

Watch the Video below:

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