Lori Harvey Dispels Rumors That She Dated A Father And Son | WATCH


Lori Harvey has denied reports that she dated a father and son.


The model, who is the adoptive daughter of comedian Steve Harvey, granted an interview to E!

During the chat, she was asked what rumours she has heard about herself that aren't true.


The socialite proceeded to say that because she is quiet, people spread stories about her that are absolutely not true.

She said it was once rumoured that she was dating a man but she had never even met him before.


She also said that reports she dated a father and son are not true.


She added that she has also heard rumours that she is a lesbian.


The entrepreneur also revealed a priceless lesson she learnt from Steve Harvey.

"Just remember that you're the price always," she recounted the advice Steve gave her.


Watch the video below.

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