Michy Subtly Claps Back At Shatta Wale, After Baby Daddy Accused Her Of Denying Him Access To Their Son


Shatta Michy has sent an indirect message to her baby daddy, Shatta Wale after he complained about not having access to his son, Majesty, for years.

Shatta Wale had taken to Snapchat to express his frustration at not being able to see his son and blamed Michy.

‘‘I like how Michy is being frank with her experience out there but someone should tell her I have not seen Majesty for years and that’s not cool. I also want to buy my son some toys and trainers,’’ he shared on Snapchat.

Michy responded to Shatta’s comments subtly in a Snapchat story, implying that Shatta was social media parenting.

‘‘Social Media parenting I didn’t know I had lions guarding my lil man’’, Michy wrote.

Meanwhile, Shatta Michy and her son Majesty were featured on Tv3’s The Day Show, and the child stated that his mother, and not his father, Shatta Wale, was the best musician in the world.

 Majesty’s remarks raised questions about his relationship with his father, as it appeared they were no longer close to each other.

Some netizens believed the little boy’s opinions were influenced by his mother and speculated that Michy may have painted Shatta black to him.

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