Nollywood Actress Tina Destiny J Jorm Shares Experiences Working With Mercy Johnson And Ray Emodi


Tina Destiny J Jorm, Nollywood actress, has spoken out about her experiences working with Mercy Johnson and Ray Emodi.

Speaking in an exclusive interview, Tina Destiny J Jorm revealed Mercy Johnson is an incredible soul with whom she had a great time working. She also revealed that Mercy Johnson was always on the lookout for her on set because she resembled her, and their bond was very strong.

Speaking of Ray Emodi, whom she referred to as a Nollywood lover boy,[laughs] she revealed that he's a very good actor despite the fact that the work she did with him wasn't all that intense for her to elaborate on.

Tina Destiny J Jorm is the main character in the upcoming film "Bianca," which will be released soon.

Tina Destiny J Jorm's real-life experiences were defined in the Bianca film, which she thoroughly enjoyed playing the lead role.

About Tina Destiny J Jorm 

Tina Destiny J Jorm began her career as a musician and model before becoming an actress and entrepreneur. She was introduced to a movie through the well-connected industry players she had through her masterpiece works, and her acting journey began from there. Tina Destiny J Jorm is a focused, hardworking, and ambitious woman who always sets specific goals and works hard to achieve them.

Connect with Tina Destiny J Jorm on these handles below.

Twitter: @J_Jorm 

Instagram: @Itz_Jjorm

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