Palm Wine Tapper Builds Two Houses And Buys A Benz


Hard work and diligence is truly the hallmark of any success story you come across both in the news and in real life.

Many unemployed people always complain about lack of capital or employment avenues – Quickly forgetting that they can start something on their own without investing millions or having a particular skill set.

A middle-aged man has shocked social media users with his intriguing success story making automatically landing him celebrity status.

Nigerian Palm Wine tapper identified as Utobo shocks many as he declares owning two houses and a Mercedes Benz from the business.

The 37-year-old tapper in an interview revealed that he spends 19 hours out of 24 daily climbing up to 53 palm trees, 3 times per day.

In his statement, he confirmed that he fills 24 gallons of palm wine which he sells at the market daily.

Delving into his life’s journey, Utobo revealed that he started in 1997 when he was 12 years old and used the business to send himself to school.

Utobo relocated to Abia state where he had invested in a fast food business that failed.

Watch the video below to know more

He also stated how he sponsored his wife’s education to the tertiary level with the same wine business.

Watch the video below:

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