Prank Gone Wrong As Female Prankster Gets Slapped


Apparently, you need wisdom to know when to draw the line with pranks but this one has lost her conscience.

Once they think about TikTok engagements, they lose their senses. The man shouldn’t have slapped her though

A Nigerian lady has caused a stir online after sharing a video of how she stormed a viewing centre to turn off the TV while people are watching a football match.

In a video which is fast trending on social media, the young lady was seen among football lovers watching Arsenal vs Man u match.

She suddenly stood up and went to the place where the TV and other stereo were placed.

The female prankster boldly turned off the television and caused outrage among the football viewers.

The video has generated massive reactions as many claimed that the lady shouldn’t have been physically abused because she caused no harm.

Watch the video below:

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