Priest Claims To Have Died And Visited Hell Where He Saw Demons Singing Rihanna’s “Umbrella” | WATCH


An American priest who claims to have temporarily died and visited Hell has revealed he saw demons singing Rihanna’s song to torture the humans sent there.

Gerald Johnson claimed that he temporarily died in 2016 after a heart attack, and visited hell before he came back to life.

In a now-viral TikTok, the Michigan priest said that despite believing that he was “going upwards” due to doing “so much good in this lifetime,” he ended up descending into the depths of Hell.

While he was there for a short time, he supposedly witnessed the kind of pain and suffering he “wouldn’t wish [on his] worst enemy.”

As Gerald went on to say, he experienced several “indescribable” things, such as seeing a man “walking on all fours like a dog and getting burned from head to toe. His eyes were bulging and worse than that: He was wearing chains on his neck. He was like a hellhound. There was a demon holding the chains.”

More shockingly, he went on to recall a part of Hell where a choir of demons played songs including Rihanna’s ‘Umbrella’ and Bobby McFerrin’s ‘Don’t Worry Be Happy’ as a form of punishment.

Gerald said his bizarre experience should serve as a warning to those who choose to enjoy chart-topping hits instead of hymns and prayers. 

After being resuscitated and brought back to reality, he says he now believes his experience is proof that popular music is really the underworld’s attempt to control people before they pass on.  

“On Earth, a lot of the lyrics and music are inspired by demons,” he claimed. “People come into contact with demons who give them lyrics for the purpose of controlling people on Earth.”

The pastor warned others how to avoid the same hellish fate as he claims it is now clear to him why he was originally doomed. 

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