Princess Diana’s Record-Breaking Gown Sells For More Than $600,000 At Auction


A bidding war over a purple velvet gown that belonged to Princess Diana pushed the dress to sell for more than $600,000 on Friday, reaching five times higher than its pre-auction estimate to become the most valuable of the late royal’s gowns ever sold at auction.

Clothing and jewelry worn by Princess Diana can fetch sky-high prices at auction, even 25 years after her death. Last week, Kim Kardashian purchased a cross pendant Diana wore to a charity event for nearly $200,000 in another Sotheby’s auction. 

Last year, a dress worn by Diana during a 1986 trip to Bahrain sold for nearly $200,000 at auction after it was reportedly discovered in a secondhand shop in England. Another one of Diana’s most famous gowns, the so-called revenge dress she wore the day her husband, now King Charles III, admitted on the air that he had been unfaithful to her, sold for $74,000 at the 1997 auction. 

It was purchased by Scottish businessman Graeme Mackenzie, who has rarely put the dress up for public display since.

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